Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider
We Develop Enterprise Decentralized Applications( Dapps)

Our Services

Learn about some of the services we offer. We are always open to work on your ideas. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Dapp Development

We develop Decentralized applications on Ethereum and BSC Networks. like Yield farming, DEX, NFT Marketplace e.t.c.

Exchange Development

Tap into our High Performance Trade engine to launch your Crypto exchange with full support for most popular Altcoins and Erc20 out-of-the box..

Crypto Currency Development

Start your Crypto Currency Project with us today, We offer POS and POW coins as well as tokens.

Supports multi -Coins and Blockchains

BTC ETH BCH LTC WAVES XRP DOGE , ERC-20s and Waves assets are supported out of the box and any blockchain can be added with a tweak

Crypto Wallet Solution

Highly Secured Non-custodial Crypto Wallet, Supports Multi-Blockchains and all Erc-20 tokens, Atomic swap, Dapps , and Instant buy

Smart Contract Audit

We will audit your smart contract. and provide list of vulnerabilities


Easily integrate your crypto exchange into aggregators with our robust restful API
Currency Fetch
Tickers Fetch
Market Fetch

Frequently asked questions

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  • React frontend
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Powerful Backend

Immediatly we receive your funds, We start working immediatly. The duration will depend on the work

We accept BTC, USDT, BNB -

We will give a tutorial about Coin listing and managing day to day exchange business. Also for a monthly fee we can assign a developer to manage the exchange completely for you

Our Frontend app is built with react and its easily customizable, We can customize it to your taste

The exchange solution has full API capabilities and can easily be integrated into CMC and coingecko easily

Help & Support

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Have a presale question about our products and features?


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